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At Smarter Selling we believe no matter where you are in your sales career, there are always opportunities to grow and evolve your skills. 

These tips help you:

create more opportunities

enhance your performance

exceed your targets and 

generate more profit.  

Topics include:  

  • Business Development  
  • Exploration: Questions  
  • Mindset  
  • Reflection  
  • Observing and Adapting

What makes a great sales person?

Hear what Charmaine Keegan, Founder, Director & Head Trainer at Smarter Selling has to say.

About Smarter Selling

Renowned for behavioural change and improved performance, our training sets you and/or your team up for success. 

Charmaine has trained thousands of savvy sales professionals, delivered hundreds of workshops and is also a key note speaker.  

With a reputation for quick, lasting results Smarter Selling brings 25 years of success in driving performance and quick growth through a proven, robust methodology.

Our courses are delivered across Australia and overseas. 

Charmaine Keegan - Director & Founder 

I love selling and more than that, I love empowering others to sell. Watching each person acquire new skills, evolve, apply a simple structure for success and, ultimately, take responsibility for their output."