The 5 key criteria of high performance sales teams 

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Is your team adaptable and flexible enough to move with the changes in the market and the buyer journey? 

Does your team: 

  • seem hungry for more sales? 
  • ask enough insightful questions to deeply understand their customers? 
  • take personal accountability for their results? 
  • have a growth or fixed mindset?  
  • go out of their way to help customers find the solutions they need?  

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Charmaine has trained thousands of savvy sales professionals, sales directors and business owners through her programs, workshops, speaking engagements and keynotes.

  • Training embedded with 25+ years sales experience
  • Renowned for behavioural change and improved performance
  •  We empower fast and lasting results through robust and modern methodologies that work.

Charmaine Keegan - Director & Founder

We have trained over 4,000 savvy, sales professionals

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"This is one of the best sales programs I have attended. It delivered some fantastic outcomes for our company and our sales representatives. Charmaine’s depth of sales experience and her ability to engage and motivate, was critically important – I would highly recommend Smarter Selling to any company looking to develop their sales teams." Paul Smith: Group General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Modern Star  

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